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2022-07-24 17:02:53 By : Ms. Kelly Lin

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You'll be able to power your home through a blackout.

As we approach hurricane season, summer storms are going to get more intense and you have to think more and more about keeping your business (and home) safe in the event of an emergency. If the power goes out, it's great to have a flashlight on hand. But it's a lot better to have a generator to make sure you're not completely in the dark.

The Generark Solar Generator: HomePower ONE + SolarPower ONE is a consumer-friendly solar generator system that provides a reliable, versatile, and portable emergency power supply for your home or office. The system includes a HomePower ONE backup battery power station and a SolarPower ONE portable solar panel, creating a self-containing generator that can keep your space powered up in the event of a blackout.

The HomerPower ONE offers 1,002Wh of power, which is up to seven days of power supply for your electronic devices and home appliances in the event of a disaster. It has three AC outlets with the pure-sine wave that supports 1,000W rated power and 2,000W surge power at 110V, allowing you to recharge from your car, AC outlet, or with the SolarPower ONE solar panel. It's equipped with two USB-C outputs with PD 18W, a USB-A with 5V/2.4A port, a USB-A with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port, and one car outlet with 12V/10A port.

The solar panel utilizes monocrystalline solar cells that offer 50% higher energy conversion efficiency than traditional solar cells and sets up in as little as 30 seconds. The ultra-high 200 power output offers ultra-fast recharging for anything battery-powered, including the generator itself. Plus, it's made from durable cloth and PET high-temperature resistant material so it's durable in even the worst weather.

Find out why the Generark Solar Generator: HomePower ONE + SolarPower ONE has earned 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. Get the set for almost $100 off $1,597 at $1,499 today.

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