Horse-boarding stable a bad fit for South Reno residential neighborhood

2022-06-15 14:44:43 By : Ms. Yuan Qin

This opinion column was submitted by Suzi Winchester, a Reno resident.

The Washoe County Board of Adjustment made the correct decision when they recommended against Pro Pony LLC building a commercial horse boarding stable on Holcomb Ranch Lane. Their decision was based on the facts that approval of these permits would be extremely detrimental to our immediate rural neighborhood and would also detrimentally impact the entire nature of our town by residents and visitors alike who frequently jog, bicycle and walk the narrow two-lane country road to enjoy the peaceful, quiet serenity of our neighborhood. Consider the following:

Factor No. 1. Tragic consequences of traffic congestion 

I speak, unfortunately, from personal experience that approving this appeal will be extremely detriment to our local area and our entire Reno/Sparks community in ways no one may be able to imagine.

Our son has been injured, unintentionally, on two separate occasions by drivers who failed to pay attention to their driving. His spinal cord was damaged in both accidents and he has been paralyzed since the first incident occurred in 2014. Each accident occurred during daylight hours in well-paved and well-marked bike lanes. His first recovery was long, excruciating and arduous. Accident No. 1 was across from Damonte Ranch High School; accident No. 2 occurred two years later (2016) on Double R. No other vehicles were involved and both incidents occurred under perfect driving conditions.

His immediate family and our entire family and others unknown to me personally carry the trauma of his injuries around to this day. We all know too many drivers who continue to text and drive at this very moment. Are you willing to be a selfish driver’s victim?

Factor No. 2: Environmental impact of hazardous waste to our water supply and our environment

We see mountains of horse manure where green pasture used to be. It doesn’t appear from our view that timely cleanup and storage that complies with requirements of the EPA are being met for either the manure or the urine from the horses that seeps into Dry Creek. The horses are within 100 to 200 feet of this creek. Urine and feces leach into Dry Creek from the appellant’s facility and directly onto our property and directly into our pond and into other homeowners’ ponds in the surrounding area. All the immediate neighbors to this facility are inundated by the flies this facility is creating! This facility creates a health hazard to everyone near and far!

Factor No. 3: Jumbo metal structure outside your door

If it weren’t so crazy, I would not believe that anyone — especially someone who claims to be enhancing our way of life — would be so greedy as to request approval for a monster-size commercial metal building within a few feet of Holcomb Ranch Lane. This structure is immense and doesn’t belong in any residential neighborhood!

Who you elect to represent you matters! Do they care about zoning? None of our neighborhood is zoned commercial! This decision maintains tranquility and serenity of Holcomb Ranch Lane and Lakeside Drive!

Sometimes even those of us with the best of intentions must speak the truth to the community at large to be heard! No amount of enforcement efforts can make a monster building disappear from view once constructed! I know that our representative knows my son and he knows the area we’re discussing.

Maybe it’s time he do what’s right for his district instead of what’s right for himself. Our representatives are elected to serve their voters, not themselves!

Nothing about this appeal meets the criteria or changes (in a positive way) any of the requirements to satisfy the Washoe County Board of Adjustment’s decision. Deny both requests.

Suzi Winchester is a Reno resident.

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